Shifters have always been off-limits, but Fate has a cruel sense of humor...

Falling for the Bear

Book 5 of the Series

By: Sennah Tate

Monica Lewis has always been a single, wild, and free witch, totally in tune with her magic and unafraid of the erotic impulses it creates. But even she has some standards — shifters, for instance, are out of the question.

After all, shifters only spell trouble as far as she’s concerned.

But that’s before Monica walks straight into the belly of the beast — an all-bear bar — and meets the man that throws all of her tightly-held convictions right out the door.

To Reed Carlisle, witches are those green, cackling broomstick-wielding hags from movies. That is, until Monica Lewis saunters into his bar and shatters every old prejudice he has in a heartbeat.

A mane of wild copper curls, curves built for sin, and absolutely brimming with magic, Reed can barely keep his bear from roaring to get at her.

But when trouble brews and a rival wolf clan comes looking for blood, only Monica seems to be able to see the chessboard for what it is.

To defeat the evil that threatens them all, Reed will have to do the unthinkable: make himself vulnerable and bare his soul to the one woman who’s fated to be his mate.